The Impact Of Mass Surveillance On Personal Security

Background information is available on Wikipedia regarding Edward Snowden and the NSA spying scandal.

The United States National Security Agency (NSA) does not work alone. Countries and companies that participate with the United States include:

Website Development

There are many things to consider when planning to build a website. Here are some of the most important topics. I've written about large-scale scaling in another post.

Web Scale - How To Stay On Top Of The Latest Developments?

There are many challenges to scaling websites and online services. To a well seasoned system administrator, it might seem clear what needs to be done. However, I'm finding that open source solutions are changing, maturing, and sprouting new solutions quite rapidly, and this may pose a challenge for anyone involved in system engineering.

How do we stay on top of all of these open source technological advances?

Gmail Powers Most Of The Top One Million (1,000,000) Websites Around The World

How To Automatically Discover New Things - The Auto Discovery Protocol

Google is....
- Search based on what people have already said.
- Search results are limited to what's already been publicly published.

Auto Discovery is....
- Search based on what people are currently doing.
- Search results based on what is about to happen, but hasn't happened yet.


There needs to be a way to automatically discover new things that are relevant to you without needing to go to Google and search for it.

Web 3.0 - The Infinitely Layered, Freely Secure, Instantly Remixable, Passively Private, Attention Economy Web



Root servers pose a problem to us right now. They are controlling the entire Internet DNS in the hands of a few companies, and they have recently began to exercise their control by censoring websites.

Secure Browsing

SSL certificates cost a ridiculous amount of money. We must replace our existing technology with something that will allow us to use self-signed certificates (created for free) instead of being at the mercy of profiteering companies.

Web Traffic Revenue

Revenue gained from advertising is pooling into the hands of extremely few companies, creating never seen before cash reserves in the billions of dollars that go completely unused. This money could be better used if reinvested into the community.

Reinventing The Wheel

Exactly how many social networking / picture sharing / video sharing / etc websites do we need on the Internet? We are not structuring ourselves very well.


Online service providers (OSPs) often have a conflict of interests between making profit and upholding user privacy. Facebook, Google, and an endless slue of companies, large and small, are trading in people's privacy for money. People need to have 100% control without any ability from the OSP to say otherwise. Currently we rely on trust, but this is no longer acceptable for our future.

How do we solve these problems?

Banning Unethical Modules

On October 20, 2012, I posted a message on about banning unethical modules hosted on This is my concern:

There are a few modules on that are clearly unethical. For example, Death By Captcha.

I have several issues with hosting such modules:

phpBB Single Sign-On

I had written earlier about phpBB Forum Integration and the need for a complete rewrite. Feeling ambitious one weekend, I decided to take the plunge and create a replacement, phpBB Single Sign-On.

If you'd like to see new features or bug fixes made to phpBB Single Sign-On, please create an issue in the issue queue.

So far the working features include:

My Drupal Jobs

My Drupal Jobs

The easier way to find Drupal work.

I created My Drupal Jobs out of a frustration with trying to manage the whole application process from within my inbox. I reply to many job postings and I needed an easier way to know exactly where I am with each application. I also needed to be automatically notified of new job postings that match my criteria.

phpBB Forum Integration - Is A Complete Rewrite Needed?

Update: March 10, 2013

I've created a potential successor to phpBBforum, phpBB Single Sign-On.

The phpBB Forum Integration module is a Drupal module written by a clever software developer, Vadim, that integrates phpBB with Drupal.

I first got involved a few months ago when I wanted Drupal users on my site to be automatically logged into phpBB.

ImageCache - The Road Ahead

Long term plans for this module

Although Drupal 7 is picking up steam, not all existing Drupal 6 websites using ImageCache will upgrade to Drupal 7. This is why I offered to maintain ImageCache.

myTinyTodo - the best todo list module for Drupal

myTinyTodo is a simple way to manage your todo list. This module is based on

myTinyTodo can be used by end-users or privately by the administrator.

Group Deals - a Groupon clone for Drupal

I've created a new Drupal distribution called Group Deals that gives you a Groupon website out of the box.

Based on Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce, and originally written by the developers of Open Deals.

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